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About Hidden Wounds Family Therapy

Hidden Wounds Family Therapy is a veteran owned and operated counseling service focused on the healing and rebuilding of relationships. We offer individual, couples and family services for a range of topics including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, conflict resolution, trauma resolution (PTSD etc), and parenting helps to name a few.

Hidden Wounds are those relationship injuries so slight, so subtle that at first glance seem harmless, but left unchecked or unresolved grow and cause pain until they finally burst forth and leave you wondering '"Where did that come from?'"


They can also be wounds so grievous and shocking that you shoved it down deep never to let it see the light of day again.  However, our mind, body and emotions were made to function in unity, like a well-oiled machine.  When one or more of those areas is damaged the whole system can be thrown out of whack.

That's where Hidden Wounds Family Therapy comes in.  Hidden Wounds Family Therapy specializes in helping you overcome these pains from your past, focusing on present day treatments to move you forward in life. 



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