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Steve Cline

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional,

AAMFT Approved Supervisor and graduate from Liberty University,

but that's not what you really want to know.  You want to know why should I trust you, Steve?  

Well, maybe this will help. 

Serving others has been a part of my life since I can first remember.  I grew up watching firefighters, police and our military running towards danger and knew that is where I longed to be.  I wanted to be where things got messy. What I didn't know was that doing something you love could take such a huge toll on you and those that love you. 


I spent a little over 20 years in the Army and deployed 6 times; a peacekeeping mission to Bosnia, 3 combat tours of Iraq and 2 combat tours of Afghanistan..  I served in the 101st, and 82nd Airborne Divisions and finally retired as a Master Sergeant after spending a number of years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force).  I had support at home, and in the military, but those supports would prove to be a mere band-aid for the support I truly needed.  It wasn't until friends in the military and my family noticed that I wasn't doing "so hot" that I realized I needed help.  I needed healing from the hidden wounds of broken relationships, a broken psyche from the emotional neglect I grew up with and the horrors of war.  

These hidden wounds almost cost me everything because of my pride and belief that vulnerability and humility were weaknesses.  Attachment wounds from childhood that caused me to see relationships as a means to an end rather than life-giving and satisfying.  It was in the context of relationships that I first started to truly heal.  The freedom from the chains of brokenness is more than can be expressed in words alone. It was found in the love of my wife and children who refused to give up on me.  It was found in the actions of others who invested in me, because they saw hope when I did not. It was found in my relationship with God where ultimate healing came from.  He just chose to use other hurting and broken people to be there for me when I needed it. 


And now it's my turn to do the same for you.

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